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BUDR 3.2 - Any comments?

  • Hi all,

    We are currently running BUDR 9.7-8218 and BUDR 9.5-8173 on our managed servers. Some are working very well, other occassionally just 'hang' (VSS Issue) and of course we also have some R2 servers and Win7 machines that can't mount or open the image files for restore purposes ('this program is blocked due to compatibility issues').

    So for all we know BUDR 3.2 should solve all of the above for us - while loosing the Acronis GUI and having to use the BUDR 3.2 GUI instead, which apparently provides the most vital functions. I could not see an option run a manual backup though, which I've been using for troubleshooting whenever BUDR logging did not seem to give sufficient detail as to why a backup failed.

    Before we install BUDR 3.2 on our KServer and start upgrading client machines, I'd like to hear some comments from whoever is already using BUDR. What are your impressions so far?
    Is it indeed more stable or have there been any new/additional (serious) issues with this version?

    So far I've read about:

    - Issues when another backup solution is installed - though I did not quite understand if the issue is two backup solutions being installed (which is how I read it - though I'd wonder about Volume Shadow Copies and Windows Backup/ntbackup), or two backup solutions trying to use VSS at the same time (which seems fairly obvious).

    - Having to restore entire folder backups to recover a single file

    - Not being able to double-click .tib files to open them

    Looking forward to your comments.


  • Well the not being able to double click the TIB files is an association thing... super easy to fix...

    The folder restore is kind of a pain but we hardly use that (just for a few machines in-house so it doesn't bother me much).

    My only gripe is that I've got one machine that it will backups will not take... but it's a raid controller thing...

    Other than that It's alright for what it is.

  • Not being able to browse TIB files, having to restore the whole folder backup... yeah, those hurt us a lot, actually. We started out with a lot of clients using folder backups + offsite replication, but we've been phasing out using Kaseya that way over the last year or so due to Acronis' ongoing issues with folder backups anyway, never mind these new limitations.

    I love Acronis for volume backups, but folders are getting more annoying with each release. Sigh.

  • All I can say is that I am glad BUDR 4 will released in a month.