The latest version of Acronis 9.1-3926 supports Windows 2003 R2 64bit machines. The only concern is that we have observed some issues with VSS support on some servers (not specific to this OS or 64bit).

If you encounter any problems with VSS, we suggest using a workaround to cycle complex services like exchange and sql using the following logic:

Attached is the monitor set and sample stop and start service scripts I have created in the past. We are going to continue to work with Acronis toward a permanent solution, however this is the suggested workaround at this time.

1. Create pre-script to stop service
2. Deploy monitor set that runs a second script after trueimagecmd.exe starts (alarms)
3. This second script, pauses for 2 minutes in the script and starts the service again.

The components included in the attached zip are:
TrueImageCmd_ProcessMon.txt - monitor set
TrueImageCmd_StopSample.txt - pre backup
TrueImageCmd_StartSample.txt - post alarm from monset

You may need to modify the services to stop and start depending on the server machine.

1. Import and modify scripts/monitor set as needed.
2. Set pre-backup script for machines you require to stop services.
3. Assign TrueImageCmd Monitor set to machine, and select the post alarm script to start services again within the monitor set assignment.

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