I suggest doing a complete cleanup of the machine first,
Please use the following procedure to clean up any prior installation attempts and reinstall the backup software.

1. Uninstall Acronis True Image from Add/Remove Programs if it exists.
2. Open Device manager and look for Acronis Devices folder. If present, expand and right click on the item listed (Acronis True Image Backup archive explorer) and select uninstall.
3. Delete the hklm\Software\Acronis registry hive. If you have a problem, right click and select permissions on the Acronis hive. Click the Advanced button and check both checkboxes (inherit from parent... and Replace Permission entries...).
4. Delete the c:\Program Files\Acronis folder

***5. If you have the Acronis Schedule2 Service listed in the Services Console, please download the following removal app:


Once downloaded, execute the schedmgr.exe and run the following three commands, pressing enter after each:

service stop- enter
service uninstall-enter

6. Verify/configure unsigned driver policy:

a. Open the Local Security Policy tool on the server (Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy)
b. Navigate to Security Settings - Local Policies - Security Options - Devices: Unsigned driver installation behavior
c. Double click this item and select Silently Succeed.
d. Click OK

7. Reinstall backup while connected to the console of the machine (this can be done by connecting with VNC or using the /con sole switch via RDP).

for a manual install code contact Kaseya support,

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