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Reboot not detected

  • I have installed the backup agent on one of our servers, and after a few days got to reboot it, but according to the Backup tab it is still 'awaiting reboot', and in the agent tab the reboot date and time has not been updated. The server has definately rebooted because I stood in front of it and watched it do it.

    How can I persuade the kaseya server that this server has rebooted? There must be a flag somewhere that can be set/cleared.

    I think this problem may have arisen because I rebooted the server by the interactive route of clicking Start > Shutdown > restart rather than using the 'reboot now' button from Kaseya. Rebooting the server again is not an option as it is live.

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  • i spoke to kaseya support re this they said as you did that the reboot flag has not cleared they did some backgroud magic for me and it disappeared sorry i cant tell you what they did because they never told us.

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