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Could backup be causing disk failures?

  • On June 25 at 12:40 am the BUDR started a volume backup on one of my servers. At 12:42 AM, one of the drives in the server's RAID array failed.

    I figured it was just a coincidence.

    Tonight, another Sunday night three weeks later,at 8:00 pm, the volume backup started. (I had rescheduled it after the first drive failure, as part of a larger backup overhaul.) At 8:03 pm a different drive in the RAID array failed.

    I suppose one possibility is that these drives were doomed to fail sooner or later anyway, and the heavy I/O load that the backup process puts on them was just the straw that broke the camel's back. But is it possible that the backup process is somehow causing these drives to fail?

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  • I don't believe so.

    No software (besides flashing software) should be able to damage a hard drive anyway.

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  • I have seen some software that stressed the read/write head so much that it would cause an already damaged disk to fail, but, to a normal disk that hasent show any signs of failure (IE. System log error 7, 51, etc) then I agree with far182. Besides Acronis really dosent stress the disk that much.

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