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What is the recommended/standard use of the offsite images?

  • We've been testing the offsite replication server feature and it seems to be fairly good. The question is, now that we have replicas of the image files in an offsite server, what happens if we actually have to use one or more of them?

    I don't believe you can mount these offsite images like you can with the original backup image files. So, when a disaster actually strikes, what is the standard operating procedure?

    If, hypothetically, a client has a configuration where they have two offices, each office doing local backups and then replicating image files across to each other, and one of those sites burns to the ground, what is the SOP to get the machines that burned back up?

    Do you copy the image files from the offsite server to some media (portable hard drives, DVD, etc.), build machines, and use CD recovery to restore the images? Maybe it would be better to build the machines at the site that didn't burn down so you have easy network access to the image files right away?

    Just want to know how folks are planning to use the offsite replication server functionality.


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  • I believe you can create a CD ISO that allows you to manually grab the image. I have not run that procedure to fully test.

    I have tried to restore from an external HD. The problem I ran into was that if the you have HD1 as C: and CDROM as D: your external HD becomes E:

    My restore failed in this config until I swapped drive letters with the external HD and the CDROM, then tried the restore again. Backup tries to use the next available drive letter for restore, which in my case was a CDROM, and fails to restore.

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