I'm trying to figure out the backup section of Kaseya. From what I can see there is much flexibility with scheduling offsite backups. But maybe I'm missing something.

How can I setup a backup routine that does a:

  1. Weekly Full Volume Backup
  2. Daily Incremental Volume Backups
  3. Weekly Full Folder Backup
  4. Daily Incremental Folder Backup
  5. Sends Full Volume Backups Offsite Oncea weekand stores them as long as HIPAA says so.
  6. Sends Full and Incremental Folder Backups offsite Daily and stores them as long as HIPAA says so.

Basically, I'd like to store Volume backups offsite every week, since a key to proper backups is to get them offsite. And I'd like to store Folder Backups offsite daily, since they'll be much smaller. I'm trying to structure my backup routines in such a way that it complies with HIPAA.

Any help is appreciated.


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