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Synthetic Full Failures On Offsite Server

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Running Kaseya with Acronis 9.7-8218 on client machine and offsite server.  We're seeing a lot of failed synthetic full backups on the offsite server.  The synthetic full process will complete successfully on the client and then when it's run on the offsite server something like the following will be logged:

Synthetic Full Backup failed during set 20100915 14.47.23 for machine [machinename]. The full file will be transferred. The error received was: The offsite synthetic full backup file is corrupted (unexpected file size).

However, the synthetic full backup file is present on both the client and the offsite server and appears to be too large to have replicated via the WAN.  This backup is mountable and looks fine.  There is plenty of disk space on the offsite server, and "Synthetic Full Attempts" is set to "4" on the client machine.  Any ideas?

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  •     We've seen several of these as well. Did you ever hear anything from Support on this? It's such a pain!!