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End of Life?

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We are a current user of BUDR and have reviewed their latest cloud offering.  We are being told now that BUDR is reaching it's end of life and are being pressured into the cloud option which will be 3-4 times the cost of what we are currently paying.   Is this just a high pressure sales technique or is BUDR actually reaching end of life.  We understand some some increase but aren't impressed by the sales technique or costs. 

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  • Hi

    We do not have news on BUDR reaching its end of life at this time, it may/may not in the future, but there is no current update. The cloud option could become potentially the primary or main backup solution as it has so much to offer to customers, but any announcement on this has not been sent as we know. I did reach out to your Customer Success Representative and if any further clarification I suggest you reach out to him again as well just to make sure any other notes/information can be updated (after this).

    Thank you

  • I'm pretty interested in this too - I've just gotten the question from one of my technical staff about "when will we get Acronis 12.5 since we're still on 11.7", and I'm pretty sure I don't have an answer at this time.

  • I took over for chamac45 in our company.  We ended up moving to Cloud Backup for convenience and ease of use, but never got word on any End of Life for it.

  • Since Kaseya does not update us on the KBU module anymore, I have taken a look at the Acronis site itself, which states at this moment the Acronis version used in the KBU module is out of extended support now.


    I think Kaseya does not respond to this module anymore and pushes us to other backup solutions....

  • I prefer the BUDR module and wish they would upgrade it to Acronis 12.

    I have almost 500 machines on it now.

  • My understanding is that Acronis is no longer providing an on-premise update to the existing software.   You should begin to plan on upgrading to Cloud Backup or another backup provider.     I don't think staying where you are is viable.    Although I have seen no official EOL announcement from Kaseya, support is basically saying they can't help any longer.