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Is it possible to backup to a share in a different domain through Kaseya using Acronis?

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I've got a windows server that is joined to a different domain than where our backups are stored.  If I log into that Windows server using the Kaseya Agent Credentials, I can access the remote share once I give different, domain appropriate credentials.  Similarly, if I run "Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5" as the Kaseya Agent, I am able to backup to that remote share when Acronis prompts for credentials that will grant Acronis access to the share.

However, when I attempt to use Kaseya to do this backup, I'm given "bad path" as the error.  This is with the "custom credentials" set appropriately.

I've asked Kaseya Support about this and was told by Jorge Valdes:

"Both the agent credentials and the custom credentials need to have access to the share. I would advise to make sure that both credentials can do this."

Can anyone verify that this is correct?  What's the point of setting "Custom Credentials" when "Agent Credentials" is required?

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  • I have the same problem, when I use an network disk which has different credentials as my domain (admin) useraccount.

    The check and backup fails if the agent credential is unable to access the share.

    In my opinion this sucks, as I can browse the share when I have logged on to the endpoint and even running acronis through the acronis console (within the endpoint) is running fine.

    It seems there is some kaseya programming error here....