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Backup failed - The machine was rebooted during the backup process

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I am having an issue with KBU ver 11.0-37977.

The backup is doing a hard reboot on the server after about 30-40 minutes of run time. This has been an on going issue for 3 weeks for me. I have other servers at the client and those are operating just fine. The logs have nothing in them that I can see that helps point to the cause. There is no dump file being created even though it is set to generate on a dump.

I have tried multiple uninstalls and reinstalls, going about it differently each time.

Uninstall, rebooted, reinstalled

uninstalled, ran clean up util, rebooted, reinstalled

repair install

I am out of ideas and need to get a good backup on this server. Does anyone have ideas? I would be happy to gather more info if needed.

Thanks in advance for any and all input!


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  • Have you opened a service request? If so, and you haven't heard back, please post the ticket number here so Varun can get you some help. If not, please do so, and then post the ticket number here.

  • I have just opened a support request on the helpdesk. Info I got is listed below. Thanks Guys!!!

    #60783 KOB - Backup failed - The machine was rebooted during the backup process.

  • I also have a second one doing the same after a clean install on a new server 2012 deployment. This one runs for 15 minutes and then reboots. This new one is a Domain Controller (DC) which prevents any work for testing during the day.