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Why does backup fail every Tuesday

  • Very strange thing happening with one of our servers.  We have a full backup on Monday, Incremental backups every other day of the week.  All of a sudden, every Tuesday the backup is "Inc/diff volume backup skipped because machine was offline for more than 15 minutes at the scheduled backup time"

    This is only happening with this one server, only happening on Tuesday.  The backup runs at the same exact time every day (2AM) , the Full backup on Monday completes within 1 hour, so it's not like it is still running.  There are no other backups running on the server, no warnings or errors in event viewer either. 

    The Tuesday backups have been failing for about 2 months now, as I said every other day is fine, full backup completes in 1 hour, incrementals finish in 15-20 minutes.

    Windows 2003 R2 SP2 server

  • Are there any other scripts running around this time?  Such as a maintenance or patch script that reboots the server, etc.