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6.5 - I have waited, but need to know if people are still having issues

  • We have some 2012 servers I want to get backing up.  I have held off with the upgrade because of the problems people have been experiencing.   Have the hotfixes helped?

    If you were me, would you still wait?



  • Have not upgraded Acronis yet, moving towards Shadow Protect. Still using the older version Acronis workstations, all servers are on Shadow Protect.

    Our 6.5 upgrade is still under repairs.

    KAV & KAM:

    -Right from the start, we encounters upgrade problems on various machines with KAM & KAV.

    -Not only did some machines not upgrade, but sit in limbo waiting for a fix. DEV is trying to fix a problems of not being able to apply profiles to machines.

    -You must upgrade KAM before KAV, other wise KAV will not install. KAM will not install if it thinks the machine needs a reboot (which I have several of) despite mutliple reboots.

    -A new REPAIR options also helps fix failed installs. I find I have to run UPGRADE again after running the REPAIR option.

    -Pending Actions column is totally blank, no idea on what is pending.

    -Most every machine is now in an OUT OF COMPLIANCE state. No way to apply a profile in an attempt to fix it.

    -Cannot select updates/scans for multiple days a week. Pick 1 day and that is it. Dev is looking into it.

    -The Catch 22 is if you can't upgrade KAM, you can't upgrade KAV. DAH !!!

    -Lost some KAV licenses in a few upgrades. Had to uninstall and reinstall. The uninstalls did not reclaim the license, but rather lost them.


    Not much time in Discovery so far, but, it sure looks like it is working much better than before.


    New options but old ones removed. Seems more cumbersome now to me. I like the FIT WINDOW option, but it does not work now.

    Still going thru things since our Saturday upgrade to 6.5.

  • We did the BUDR upgrade and have generally been happy with it.  One thing we found was sometimes the install would fail, and then you'd have to push it again.  We found that if you made sure no one was logged on to the machine when you deployed it, it seems to successfully install.  The newer version has fixed some issues we had with some Server 2003 boxes (backups would fail no matter what we did).   2012 servers are backing up just fine, no issues.

    Overall, except for the install weirdness, we haven't had any issues.   I'm very happy that the GUI is back now, makes restores and things like that a lot easier.

  • So far our biggest problem, especially as pertains BUDR/KBU, is with 2012 domain controllers. We've had to get Support involved with every. single. one. of those, and when pressed to answer how they could get it installed when we couldn't, the answers are either delightfully vague or amount to "we followed the wiki page." Which, yeah, so did I... several times over several different tickets about the same thing.


  • I still can't click and drag to select multiple tickets in Service Desk.  Despite the fact that I was told on March 10 that the problem had been identified and a fix had been written, I'm being told that I have to wait until the May release to get it.  I'm not even sure why I pay for software maintenance.