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KBU - BUDR - Full VSS - Log Flushing Backups are possible in the new BUDR 5.0 / ABR 11.5

  • We are doing it using the local Acronis GUI.  They just need to give us the option to add it to the Kaseya schedule :)    I made a feature request, but I'm posting this here so that everyone else knows this exists!

    With a Full VSS backup Acronis backup, you can backup SQL or Exchange AND flush logs all in one fell swoop!  It will even mark the database as backed up in Exchange.


    This is a request from the previous kaseya ticketing system that was being looked at that I had brought over to the new system.

    The button you are referring to is not true "full" VSS support. When it is checked, it will backup a server using VSS, but will NOT tell applications that they are being backed up using VSS. This means that logs are not flushed for SQL or Exchange.

    In the most recent BUDR, the ability to do a full VSS backup is available! We are using this for exchange servers, which is a big pain since we cannot do it through Kaseya. This feature is a major missing piece with Kaseya, and now that it exists in Acronis... will save us hours if enabled in Kaseya!

    It is a feature added in ABR 11.5 Update 1: http://www.acronis.com/en-eu/support/updates/changes.html?p=14321 Note:

    "Enable VSS Full backup to truncate logs of VSS-aware applications after a disk-level backup."

    We propose that you add a 2nd checkbox that says "Enable Full VSS Support" to select from as an alternative to "Enable VSS Support".

    The switch needed in the script based on Acronis' documentation is : --vss_full_backup

    Every Kaseya Backup customer you have will high five your entire team if you can enable this . We will happily test an pre-alpha/alpha/beta version! We'd be happy if you even just made a custom edit to our BUDR scripts just to test!

  • This is awesome!! You should submit it as a feature request in the new helpdesk system here: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../22890467-Security-Backup as this is where Kaseya are now accepting product suggestions going forward.