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Error message: Backup failed unexpectedly

  • Hi there,

    I am having issues on a small number of managed machines - not servers - that have  version 11.37608 of BUDR installed on them.

    They are all failing with "Backup failed unexpectedly" as the only error message. This is with both incremental and full backups.

    So far I have:

    • reinstalled the backup software, 
    • verified the software,
    • verified the credentials are correct, 
    • confirmed image location is accessible and has enough free space
    • rebooted the machines
    When running the schedule manually, it will fail within a few seconds. Using the new console, a locally run backup works correctly.
    Has anyone else come across this problem? I can't think of the next step to take from here.
    New Zealand
  • I'm having the exact same issue on a server running SBS2011 Standard.  I haven't attempted a local console backup yet but when running one through Kaseya it immediately fails after generating the backup folder and the readme.txt.  If I look at the logs in the local console there's nothing to indicate what the issue is.  Anyone have any ideas?

  • Hi Klynn,

    I eventually got the issue resolved.

    I had to recheck the agent credentials and install the latest version of the backup software - including the console.

    There was a script run by another user that had altered the group membership of the account that we use for the agents.

    I edited the script so that the right level of privileges was applied and the backups now work.

    Long story short - the error is saying that the agent credentials are not sufficient. Check that the agent is a local admin of the machine.