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Kaseya Backup (BUDR) 3.2 - VSS backups alert

  • As a follow up to the Kaseya Backup 3.2 Service Alert on Monday, 8-16-2010, please be advised that although Kaseya Backup (BUDR) 3.2, resolves many of the VSS issues previously seen in older versions of BUDR, we have received reports of a 'new' VSS issue that we want to clarify.  This issue relates to customers having another/multiple backup products installed on the same machine with Acronis 9.7-8319 (the build which comes with Kaseya Backup 3.2).

    To clarify, Kaseya Backup 3.2 does NOT support having multiple backup products installed on the same machine.  Kaseya Backup 3.2 uses Microsoft APIs to communicate with the Volume Shadow Service (VSS) in order to backup open files.  When another backup product is installed with Kaseya Backup, the backup products can collide and negative results can occur with the conflicted use of VSS.

  • When you say "does not support having multiple backup products installed", how does this affect NTBackup which also uses VSS?

    Also, what about Volume Shadow Copies or the System Protection feature? Don't they also use the VSS subsystem?

    Wouldn't a collision of VSS products only occur if they were trying to snapshot an object simultaneously?

    Finally, could you be more specific about the 'new' VSS issue you have had reported so we can keep an eye out for anything similar happening on our systems.

  • I will have to echo what TEAMnetwork has said here. It would be a game changer for us and how we currently manage our backups if BUDR cannot live happily by the side of Backup Exec.

    We never run them at the same time so clarification is needed on whether it is a installation conflict or when 2 VSS writers are trying snapshot at the same time.