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BUDR in v6.3

  • Ok, we're still running BUDR v3.1, mainly because with 4.0 first came out they removed the gui interface that allowed us to boot from a recovery cd and recover outside the kaseya interface (I'm sure we all remember).  Well, I've never heard that Kaseya ever completed the long rumored interface for BUDR to allow this.  Now, with v6.3, I'm betting that it will not work with my old, old version of BUDR and I'll be forced to upgrade to v4.0.1 (tell me if I'm wrong about that).  

    So, does anyone know if v6.3 will work with BUDR 3 AND does anyone know that if I upgrade to v6.3, will my BUDR clients still work until I have time to upgrade them?


  • We've been running 4.0 and are now running it under 6.3.  I haven't seen any issues with this.  Nothing in BUDR changed as part of this.

    In regards to recovering data with BUDR on version 4.

    - We've never once used the web interface for this.  Doubt we ever will.

    - We have used the new Kaseya GUI many times.  It is small, very basic but does the job.  Basically, run the utility, enter the password and mount the backup as another drive letter.   I have used it to convert the GUI to a virtual machine but with mixed results I think more depending on what I'm converting.  Sometimes it works with BUDR sometimes have to use VM Converter.

    - We also have used the standard Acronis interface by downloading the CD straight from the Kaseya Recovery links.  Boot up from the CD and you have a full Acronis interface to do recovery.  This works very well.

  • Fantastic.  I wasn't aware (course I haven't looked) that they had made the Acronis Boot disc available.  that was an easy fix.

    the last question is if anyone knows if BUDR v3.1 clients will work with Kaseya v6.3.  If that will work, I'm on the fast track to an upgrade of Kaseya, then will get BUDR upgraded over the coming weeks.

  • It's less of question of 6.3 and more of a question with BUDR 4.0 versus BUDR 3.1.  

    I would suggest you first update to BUDR4.0.  This may be required before upgrading to 6.3.   When you go from BUDR 3.1 to 4.0 it does not immediately affect your end points.  Anything that still had the 3.1 clients stays as they were and you still have the old full Acronis interface.  The clients do not get changed until you actually choose to update BUDR on the clients or if you do a new install, it uses Acronis 10 and the smaller Kaseya GUI.  You do need to consider your offsite replication.  At some point you'll probably have problems trying to keep the old client running and I'm not sure you should.

    You should then be fine to upgrade to 6.3.  I would suggest you put your scenario in a ticket and send to support to confirm.

  • Thanks for the great info!  But.....what do you mean by 'you do need to consider your offsite replication'?  Is there a problem with 4.0 on this or are yo u saying the mixed environment might cause issues?

    And I will put in a ticket of this...thanks again!

  • On offsite replication it becomes a questions of which versions you have onsite and offsite.  We haven't run into it yet, but at some point I'm sure you'll find a feature in BUDR 4.0 that does not work the the original versions of Acronis.  Worst scenario, you do the upgrades and use the Kaseya GUI.

  • the offsite replication is updated with synthetic backup functionality in BUDR4. Also there is an option to only keep 1 backupset offsite.

    However, to have this function correctly, you offsite server BUDR version and you onsite BUDR on the server needs to be the same. If they are not the same version, this does not function.

    for the endpoints with an older acronis version installed, this keeps functioning until you update these manually. You have to push the 'reinstall' button by yourself. At this moment I run k6.2 and I have endpoints with acronis installed in version 10, 9.7 and 9.5. They all make perfect backups. Within the Acronis 9.7 and 9.5 versions I believe you still have the local Acronis interface.

    Also, If you have an acronis installation file for the version which kaseya uses, you can run the installation after the K install. then possibly you can choose to install the local user interface with the license from kaseya.  That way you still have the local acronis interface. (although the kaseya UI works perfectly)

  • My main feedback is that I'd really like to see the backup job scheduler overhauled in v5/6.3, it was a bit of a pity to see this hasn't changed.

    For example, if I want to run a FULL backup, the only way I can do this is to SCHEDULE a FULL. This destroys the original backup schedule which is lost forever. Pressing 'backup now' isn't good enough, because that does whatever sort of backup is due in the usual sequence (be it a full, inc or diff). You then have to wait until your full finishes before you can attempt to 'reset' to the original schedule.

    ideally the scheduler should work more like all the other modules - it should have the little notepad/pencil icon where you can 'copy up' exiting settings off an agent into the parameters boxes before applying them to a different machine - the existing interface is a bit awkward and un-intuitive and i'm never really sure what i'm doing until I see the results on the screen.

  • Hey Tjibbe, I'm wondering where you have seen the option of keeping only one set offsite.  We've been using it for a few years and one of the problems is that it replicates what ever you have onsite.  If you have 3 sets onsite, it replicates all of those offsite, not just the latest version which would be valuable.

  • Never Mind, been looking at that screen many times and never saw the check box.

  • hold down 'Alt' key and click Synthetic Full icon while on Schedule Volume page and see if you find it there.

  • to keep only one backupset on your offsite server, you should check the checkbox for this option when you are setting up your offsite server. the option is shown on the 'backup - offsite server' page.

    the options you can access with holding the 'alt' key and pressing the synthetic icon are other options to configure how the synthetic process works.

    [edited by: Tjibbe Buijsman at 2:12 AM (GMT -7) on Apr 24, 2013] the options you can access with holding the 'alt' key and pressing the synthetic icon are other options to configure how the synthetic process works.