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"Full backup performed as previous backup was not found"

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A couple of months back, one of our servers started having various backup issues. The reasons differed day to day. We finally just reinstalled BUDR and started over. Now, it is having trouble finding the previous backup. We will schedule a full to run, and it will do so successfully without error. Next, it may or may not run an incremental. It may go a day or two running incrementals, but it will eventually be unable to find the backup and run a full. The thing is, it will save the new backup in the same folder as the previous backup, overwriting the .tibs. If incrementals ran previously, it will list those dates when exploring the .tibs, but they will be empty. We need to delete/move the last few .tibs (which have modify dates from before the new .tibs) from the folder if we want to be able to explore the most recent backup at all. We have three other servers backing up to the same network location (just a PC on the network) without any issues at all.

Any ideas?

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  • Are you using VSS snapshots? and if so, any VSS errors in the event logs? Does turning off VSS help?

    I find that typically, 0 byte .TIB's being created smacks of either a network error, or VSS related issues, or occasionally, insufficient disk space on the target.