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Is BUDR being phased out or not (official response please)


    it's my understanding that BUDR will stay as it is but wont undergo any updates anymore potentially meaning it would be unable to backup win8

  • @ Kaseya (Brendan)

    Please give us a feedback.

    Thanks Richard

  • I would like to know the answer also. Anybody knows the answer?

  • according to my sales rep, he officially emailed me that BUDR will no longer be upgraded, it will just receive hotfixes in its current state.  Unless Brendon knows differently.  I have not received any update about exchanging the BUDR licenses or pricing for shadow protect licenses.

  • It would be very much in Kaseya interest to provide a cost incentive to transfer from BUDR to the new product.   We've been paying maintenance for a long time on BUDR, have not yet used all the licenses we paid for.  It doesn't look good that Kaseya is in anyway resolving the conflicts with Acronis as a partner.  I have no ideas on any details, but it's fairly obvious that this doesn't appear to be an ongoing partnership.

    Given the incentive, I think many people would be happy to bury BUDR and make the transition.

  • For what it's worth, the webinar invite I received last week about the new product indicated that there would be a "Competitive Program for Kaseya Backup Customers who want to use KSBR."

  • we have the new shadow protect module but it doesn't have the features that budr has. Aslo in its current state it's pretty buggy

  • There is definitely a program to help you switch from BUDR to KSBR if you'd like.  Talk to your sales rep for details and how to time it to maximize your investment in BUDR and make the move appropriately.  BUDR is still a great fit for many people and is still sold and supported.  

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  • i asked this question to support

    Is BUDR being phased out or not.  

    it's my understanding that BUDR will stay as it is but wont undergo any updates anymore potentially meaning it would be unable to backup win8


    Hi Michael

    BUDR will stay. It will not be phased out.

    It might be true that BUDR might not have more updates. We are going to have storagecraft for backup option



    it's a bit of a pickel SP module doesn't have the features of the Acronis one but it doesn't look like acronis will work with future OS's

  • @Michael, what features doesn't the KSBR module have?

  • If Kaseya doen't provide updates for the product BUDR, then we should be given the choice to cancel maintenance on the product, but keep our licenses in an UnSupported mode. We purchased the licenses, if we do not want to pay mainenance for an un-maintained product, we should be able to use it on our own...

  • As it stands now there's no offsite replication ( yes i know it's coming )

    Being able to backup just files ( yes i know thats what KDB is for  but if i want to do both then it requires twice as many licences )

    Also with KDB you can't currently specify a retention policy ( yes i know it's coming)

    BUDR was a one stop show and it worked 

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  • Number BUDR licenses can be replaced with KSBR licenses at Promo price and at the end of BUDR maintenance contract we will be asked to stop using BUDR license replaced with KSBR at promo price.

  • @Michael - offsite replication is possible (but you have to configure it manually in ImageManager - iFTP)

  • yeah i knew that but thats to hard for my people