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Force full backups until success

  • I have an issue with how the scheduling of full backups are handled, specifically when a full backup fails.

    Consider the following scenario:

    1. A full backup fails because there is not enough space on the media used to store backups.
    2. Subsequent incremental and differential backups succeed because they are small enough to still fit on the backup media, unlike the full backups which are usually significantly larger than a single incremental or differential backup.
    3. At this point the current backup set contains a full backup, an entire period of differentials, and the beginning of another period of differentials.
    4. This continues through a number of backup periods until the single backup set grows to an unreasonably large size.

    Note that in this scenario the backup only fails once before it starts succeeding again, so the issue isn't immediately apparent.

    Now I know there are other solutions such as checking the remaining disk space of the backup media, but the proceeding is only one scenario. Any time a full backup fails, Kasya's BUDR will happily do a differential at the next scheduled time (probably to maintain the full backup schedule). The preferred behavior would be to keep attempting a full backup at every scheduled time until it is successful.

    Is there an option to automatically enforce full backups when one fails?

  • I would be curious as to what the answer to this is as well.  Many of our staff take home their computers, travel, etc and its no uncommon for them to miss a backup.

  • Though I have simple workaround to force full manually, but curious to know this behaviour that continue to perform incremental/defferential even if full fails.

  • A couple of things:

    1. @brundonet - We have been using the "Delete before backup" option in BUDR as this ensures space is not an issue for the full to complete.

    2. @brundonet - Have you tested to see if the new incrementals after the failed full mount? I have not got around to testing this. I know this is not what you are asking I am just curious.

    3. @nsummy - for laptops BUDR is not a good option. You should look at Kaseya Online Backup from what I understand although we have not yet got around to installing this module ourselves so I can't comment on it too much.

    4. @Rajeev - what is your workaround? The only way I know is to delete the schedule, schedule a full for now and let it start, then put the original schedule back in place. Obviously putting the schedule back in place does not affect the full while it is running.



  • Change backup image password and it will force full until you get a full. simple but it works. But make sure to note down old password because this might be required incase you want to restore from old images until you have full successful with new password.

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