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Verify Acronis Image From Another Machine - Results?

This question is not answered

I opened a ticket with Kaseya to ask this, but I wanted to check if someone may be able to give me a quick answer.

Under the verify images function, you can use another machine to verify an image.  After doing this, where do you check the results?  I tried this on a machine today.  I can see in the agent procedure logs that the verification completed, but under the results section, the last result reported was from a verify job I ran from the machine itself yesterday, not this job today.  On the second machine that I ran the verify from, no results are reported.  I do not see any results listed under the Backup Logs or the Backup Sets functions either.  Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

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  • I just wanted to bump this, does anyone know the answer?

    I have asked twice in a support ticket I have opened, but haven't got an answer.