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BUDR skipping full backups

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The situation is I have one workstation and one laptop backing up to a shared external disk.  The disk is 500Gb.

The BUDR setup is Full backup every month and Incrementals daily, storing 1 set and not deleting before.

I found that the disk was full after a few months and so investigated.  What seems to happen is that the laptop is sometimes in another office so skips the backup which is what I want to happen.  This does cause a problem however, when a Full backup is skipped because then the incrementals just keep mounting up.

So questions:

1. Can I have BUDR skip incrementals but postpone full backups? 

2. If I select "don't skip if offline", will it run the backup when the computer starts up, or at the next scheduled time, because if it's the next scheduled time, then that would solve the problem?

3. Is there a way that I can consolidate or delete some of these incrementals to free up some more space?

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  • Hello,

    1. BUDR cannot skip incrementals and postpone the full at the moment. when a full backup is skipped or failed the incrementals will be continued and added to the last backup set.

    2. when the 'skip is offline' option is not set, the backup will start after the computer is booted. On a workstation which is used daily, this could be the next morning after powerup.

    3. This is not an option within K. maybe this is possible by using the acronis command line tool. You should check this with the acronis documentation for the command line tool.

    I don't know how much data is saved on the workstation/laptop, but if I had users which save this amount off data on their laptop/workstation I would check wether this better can be saved on a server or not...