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Acronis Backup/Restore of PGP Encrypted Drive?

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Has anyone had experience with backing up and restoring machines encrypted with PGP using Acronis?  Is there any known issues or documentation on this?

I would make sense to me that file restoration would not work easily, but would restoring an entire machine work?  I would think that a bit level restoration would work because the PGP software is installed to the imaged drive.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I've not done this with PGP, but have done it with BestCrypt full disk encryption.  encrypted disks are indeed a challenge - we built a BartPE disk with a BestCrypt plugin (available from the vendor) which allows us to boot to the BartPE environment and then mount the encrypted disk for the purposes of repair - check disk, spyware cleanup, etc.  

    in terms of BUDR recovery, it doesn't really matter much because you are just overwriting the disk with an unencrypted copy of the image (since BUDR runs within the OS and will be reading/writing unencrypted data).  The only catch is that if you restore the MBR from the encrypted image, you will not be able to boot the disk because that MBR expects an encrypted disk.  We just do a fixmbr on the disk after recovery and are able to boot normally, then we re-encrypt the disk after recovery is complete.

    Hope this helps -