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Incremental backups same size as full

  • I'm running about 20 Kaseya backups but 1 is having a problem where every backup is the same size no matter if it is full or incremental.  It's an older server 2003 with a single partition.  There isn't a whole lot of data on the server so the full backup is 27 GB.  Incrementals look to be exactly the same size and fill up my nas quicker then other clients with 100GB backups.  Any ideas why I backup everything every time?


  • Did you check the actual file size and make sure it is doing the same size backup as being reported in BUDR?

  • Yes, the actual backup files match what is in the screen shot.  I can just over a months worth of backups on a 1tb nas before it starts erroring out.

  • OK... first thought is do you have any kind of disc defrag software running?  The incrementals are based on changes to sectors, so if the data is being moved around, then it will do a complete backup.

  • I actually just had this same problem and had to remove and reinstall the software. Only 1 out of 30 systems had this issue...

  • I have this same problem on a number of servers.  I submitted a ticket to support and after quite a while working on it, I got this update yesterday:

    Quick update on this - Acronis have identified the root cause, which is that shadow copies are being included in the incremental backup when they should be skipped. They are currently working on a solution and I will inform you as soon as we have more details.

    So, hopefully it will get fixed soon.

  • We are expecting a further update from Acronis on the shadow copy issue in the middle of next week. The symptom of this is that incremental backups are 4 - 5 times larger than they should be after installing the most recent OEM build (10.0-18052).

    I do not think this would cause incrementals to be the same size as full backups though, so @OminsComputers may have a different issue. I believe that some AV products can cause this (by changing the USN journal in the filesystem on every scan), so as a first step I would recommend testing with AV disabled (or at least without a full scan).