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Backup wont install/verify

  • We recently updated our VSA server from 6.0 to 6.2 and moved to a new server.  At the same time we also updated our other modules such as KES and BUDR from v9 to v10.

    Now I cannot run a single back up.  It complains about the .net 2 framework.

    I removed and redownloaded BUDR from Kaseya but it made no difference.  I also uninstalled and reinstalled on end points but it wont verify (same .net 2 wrapper problem)

    When I raised a ticket with support their answer is to remove .net 4 and then reinstall and may have to reinstall .net 2 then can resinstall the BUDR and then can reinstall .net 4

    That is a ludicrous statement!  I have PCs out of the box with .net 4 on them that it wont install on. We write custom programs for clients and it needs .net 4.  And just to do this on every PC with a backup to install is crazy.  

    Does anyone have a sensible work around or a fix?  I cannot believe that Kaseya's answer to their problem is to remove the essential services on the end point!

  • Mark

    I have not seen details of your support ticket, but it sounds like the problem here is on the kserver side if the problem affects multiple clients after updating the VSA. I would recommend as a first step that you reinstall Kaseya Backup on the kserver. You can download the installer from here - download.kaseya.com/.../KBUInstall.exe

    The advice about .NET 4 is incorrect, but there is a dependency on .NET 2 on the client side. If the problem affects one or two isolated clients with Windows XP or Server 2003, reinstalling .NET 2 can resolve. The installers can be found here: -

    x86 - www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx

    x64 - www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx

    Later OS's have this component built in, so this doesn't apply.

    If you still don't have a resolution, please send me a PM with the ticket number.


  • We are having the same problem with 2 of our servers both servers are 2008 RC2 64bit

    i DO NOT want to remove .net 4 and try and install .net2

    is there another way to get this to work

    we are using verson 10-18058


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