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Backup failed - Failed to perform the backup operation.

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I am having issues with e SBS 2008 server and the Acronis backups. I am getting Backup failed - Failed to perform the backup operation. as my log entry. It happens between 80 to 90 minutes into the backup. No entries in the Eventlog show up on the server.  I have removed and reinstalled Acronis (via console, Add Remove Programs and manually. Changed the VSS writer to use Microsoft. It is the latest vesion of KBackup that is installed (so there isn't a conseol onthe server I can use the manually kick off a backup.





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  • Hey, I used to use Acronis myself. It really sucked me.

    Now I use a freeware - easeus todo backup free to do backup of my system, which works quite good!

    You can search it in download.cnet.com.

  • Hello Pjones...

    There are several causes to this.

    what exactly your backup logs show?/

    does it hangs at 95%.

    or to due to error in trueimagecmd .exe process.

    May be due to image location issue.

    Check the logs for ..backup sets>Result> pull the logs by clicking on < failed > text....and look for reason in it.

  • The backups logs show the error and that the backup run had fininshed. I have seen Acronis hang at 95% but that wasn't the case here. Turns out, both partitions on the drive showed problems with the journal entries (though not reported in the Event log.) I ran chkdsk and had the system correct them. The backup then completed successfully.

  • so it was hardware error ryt??

  • The drives weren't failing. The MFT/journals on them weren't right.