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Question about Synthetic Offsite Replication regarding 2 Sets Minimum

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Hey guys,

I've noticed that for whatever reason, I can't choose 1 Backup set only for Synthetic Backups. This is normal right? Otherwise it gives me this error:


This will result in two Full backups residing on the local location set in Backup > Image Location.

So when I choose offsite replication, will this occur on the end of the offsite server as well? Meaning will there be two backup sets existing on the offsite server like it is on the local side? This for me would be unacceptable as I will be billing the client $ per GB stored on the offsite end.





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  • It indeed looks like both full backups are replicated to the offsite server. I need to know if its possible to have one backup set or one backup remaining on the offsite server at a time. I guess I will need a script to delete the 1st backup set whenever it creates? I dont know...

  • Could you look at the BUDR version u use?

    I am still using BUDR 3.2 and that version has offsite synchronisation as told. The offsite module just copies the local backup store, including all backup sets. If you delete one on the offsite server it will be re-seeded.

    In the documentation for BUDR 4 I read it should be possible to send only the last backup set offsite.

    For creating synthetic backups it is needed to have a minimum of 2 backup sets, because the synthetic component uses the 1st backup set to create the second.

  • Open a ticket to the customer support and you Will obtain how to do that because it's possible but you have to ask our support.

  • I opened a ticket and Kaseya told me that it can not be done.  Here is the response I got when I opened a ticket to keep one copy offsite.

    "Ticket Update: CS065074 - How to configure the backup for offsite to keep only the latest offsite backup

    Unfortunately at this time we will not be able to do this. Development needs further time to review this feature and they made a recent decision to hold back this request until a later release date. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused by this."

  • That's wrong. They just enabled it for me last week.

  • I am not sure what is going on.   I have left another message on the ticket and contacted the sales rep.  I am frustrated when their is no standard and some people get options and other people dont based on the day they submit a ticket.  I will see what I hear back and then post back.  Thanks for your assistance aabbasi.

  • Can someone confirm if this is a standard feature now or if you still need to contact support?  Do you have to be on BUDR 4.0?


    UPDATE: Was told by support that this is no longer an option but might be a future released hotfix.  Too bad, really needed this to move forward with offsite.

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