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Backup Image Location credentials

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I need to know if it is possible to supply different credentials for the Image Location, then the credentials supplied via the Agent > Credentials setting.


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  • Johan, Yes, just open a ticket to the customer service as a Feature Request.

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  • Yes

  • Dunno if I am overlooking it Guillaume, but I can't find the place where you can supply different credentials for the backup image location.

  • Backup > Configure > Image Password

    Allows you to set and change passwords for back images

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  • What I meant in my original post, and I will elaborate, is, the path that was specified where the backup/image will be created, the credentials for the agent to specify what credentials it will use to access that UNC path, can it be separately specified then those in Agent > Credentials? i.e. a non domain PC wants to backup to a file server which belongs to a domain.

  • I have had a similar requirement.  The destination NAS device was part of domain A and one of the server backup agents was in domain B.  The administrator passwords were not the same.  

    1. On the backup source server in domain B I created a user called BUDRagent, assigned a password and gave it backup and admin rights.

    2. On the NAS in domain A, I created a local user with the name and password.

    3. Set the credentials of the Kaseya agent to the new user.

    Not exactly how I want the software handle this but it works for me.

  • skleis, I have done this as well, and it works. I am just hoping that Kaseya will add this as a feature? Is there a place where one can suggest/ask for features?

  • Johan, Yes, just open a ticket to the customer service as a Feature Request.