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"Archive is Corrupted"

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I have several backups that have recently started showing that the verify failed - archive is corrupted, I read a previous post that said the transfer speeds are too slow, this does not seem to be the case for me as some of them have 1 server doing a differential backup (small file size) and it is the only server writing to it.  The backup shows it was successful but the verify fails, I have been backing up the server for a long time now to the same location and never had issues until now.

I am using D-Link DNS-323 and 343 for my backups, some site I have 2 servers and several workstations going to a 343 with no issues and other sites with 1 server only going to a 343 and it seems to fail everyday.


If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.



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  • Has anyone else had this problem?  I can't see a real pattern as to why I get that error.  I will create a support ticket if no-one else has seen this.


  • I'm getting this issue as well on multiple workstations backing up to a single NAS. At first I thought it was due to multiple backups running at the same time.... it ended up being the NAS which was dropping packets which is causing corruption on the verify.