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BUDR Acronis 10 Queries - Exchange Dirty Shutdown / Huge Incrementals

  • Hi 

    Anybody have this issue.

    We upgraded an SBS box to Acronis 10 via BUDR and their incremental backups went from about 4GB to 20 GB definitely V10 related.


    Also we have the problem constantly of dirty shutdowns on exchange when using BUDR - VSS is enabled and we are even shutting down Exchange service for 15minutes before the job starts to give Acronis time to do its VSS snapshot but as I said constant dirty shutdowns.


    Anybody experience any of these and resolve them.



  • Move to Appassure and you wont have this issue. That or add in the Acronis for Exchange and you wont have this issue.

  • We are seeing the same thing---much larger incrementals since moving to Acronis 10.