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Is there a way to make the Kaseya DB backups and maintenance in MS-SQL server, or is the only way, with Kaseya?

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  • You can use the standard DB Maintenance built in to SQL server or you can write your own custom scripts for DB maintenance.  There is nothing special about the Kaseya DB for a SQL perspective.  Her is a good TechNet article on SQL DB maintenance: technet.microsoft.com/.../2008.08.database.aspx

  • We wonna the reduce the days that the backup is kept on disk, so i thought we must make a maintenance plan in SQL server.

    But this is the answer we get from Kaseya support.

    The Kaseya maintenance used SQL server commands to shrink the database and perform the backup. You don't need to run any additional commands

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  • we have Kaseya installed on its own partition and use Acronis BUDR of that partition and offsite replication for backup