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OffSite Backup Problem - 'Active Checking' taking an hour or more

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I have one 'local' server which has never backed up more than a few k. On the Local Servers setting page if I do a "Check Status", the other servers return results in less than a minute. This one server takes an hour or more and eventually gives an authentication error.  

The "Set Credentials" under Agent verify with "PASS". 

The actual server access to the local directories to be backed up connects fine.

At one point it actually backed up a few files, but then stopped with no errors other than it went back to the "authentication failed"

What does this "authentication failed" refer to on the Local Servers setup page?


Thanks for any help.



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  • I also have this question.

  • In this case, am I correct if the backup runs succesfull but the offsite synchronisation fails?

  • Yes.

  • in this case it seems the agent credential for the local server is OK, because the backup runs succesfull. Does the offsite server also have a credential set? Does this credential has access to the offsite path for saving the backup sets?

    On the offsiteserver, check de logs in your temp folder 'korepsvr.log', this is the offsite server log file. on the local server there is an 'korepcln.log'. Look over all the logfiles which start with korep*.