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Backup failed - Failed to perform the archive consolidation.

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We've got 2 servers which are presenting this error when using synthetic backups, incrementals are running fine and the servers aren't short on space (neither are the local or offsite backup locations).  Has anyone come across this error before?  Any solutions people have found?

We're coming up fairly blank on this one so any help would be appreciated.



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  • How much data is on the server? I got that error message once in a while on some servers but everytime on 3 servers that had around 600GB + full backup size.

  • i've seen this in the past, always with larger backups to a slow NAS

    replacing the NAS with a much faster model solved that for us

  • @Hans den Boer: What is your standard choice for faster NAS drives (brand/configuration)?

  • Bert we have good experience with QNAP TS-259 Pro+ (and above deping on the type and size of customers network / number of machine to backup)

    QNAP TS-259 Pro+ - MIRROR 2hdd's - approx 65GB hour

    QNAP TS509 R5 4'hdd's - approx 155GB hour