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Backup failed - Failed to perform the backup operation.

  • My backup fails after between 6-7 minutes after the scheduled start time.

    In the backup logs section of K2 the error I recieve is - Backup failed - Failed to perform the backup operation.

    The backup is running on SBS 2003 R2 /w SQL and Exch.

    The image location is correct has avaiable space.

    Im thinking it is a VSS problem, I have disabled VSS support and will see what happens tonight.

    My problem more so than the backup failing, is lack on infomation in the logs? Is there anywhere else where more info is available about why the backup is failing?

    Windows Event Logs get event ID's relating to VSS starting and stopping around this time, these are only infomation not warnings or errors.

  • On thing that you can try is to create a script that shuts down Exchange and SQL, and another that starts it back up.  Then run these as Pre and Post scripts on the backup.

    I also added a line in the script for shutdown to run the startup script in 15 mins just in case the backup hangs at 95%, then the post script will not run properly.  This will give you two attempts at restarting the services, and it normally only takes a small time to use VSS snapshot of the data and then you can restart the services without worry.

  • So exchange will be unavailable for the duration of the backup?

    I dont understand your second sentence.

    This doesnt help with troubleshooting the backup problem, there must be log files somewhere.