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Problem with BUDR 4.0 Recovery

  • Hi, I have installed BUDR 4.0 (=Acronis 10) on a PC with Win XP SP3. I made a backup and I want restore the image file with the Acronis 10-12497 Recovery CD.

    I dowload the recovery CD for Acronis 10-12497 burn a CD and I start the PC > everything is ok ... Later Acronis ask for a archive file and this is the problem because BUDR 4.0 does not create a archive file on all my BUDR Installations... 

    Someone else have this problems? Thanks Richard

  • I'm having the same issue that you are having, I've been working with kaseya support and just started working with acronis support. I'm backing up to a nas but didn't have this issue in the past, I was use to running the UI on the workstation and restoring without a problem. I find that if I do backing my server with the boot disk there is a .meta folder created on the backup share, but kaseya backup doesn't create the .meta folder. I can only restore an archive if the .meta folder is present, if I manually create the .meta folder kaseya backup deletes it and creates a new folder with the current data.

  • Hi Ken, thanks for your feedback... I have tested also some different NAS ... but always the same problem ...  A employee said if we backup to a usb-disk it would work …

    I think everybody that works with BUDR 4 have this problems ….

    @ Kaseya

    Please give us some feedback

  • Hello,

    FYI - We are indeed collaborating with Acronis Support regarding this issue for permanent resolution. As a workaround, while we work with Acronis Support on this, we have received reports that copying the desired .tib files to a Win machine share and attempting to pull the .tibs to restore from there works.

    If this be a pressing matter within your context, raise a support ticket at portal.kaseya.com noting this issue and the details surrounding this. From there, we will include your ticket in our escalated correspondence with Acronis Support regarding this.


    Kaseya Support

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  • Hi Dylan, thanks for your information!

  • We cant recover anything but basic files using the Explore option. Mounting drives or converted to VHD just gives errors. Ive been trying to work with Kaseya support for a month now after we had to download the trial version from Acronis to finally convert a backup to a vhd to get a server backup. And this is their answer as of Yesterday:

    "Summary:Failed to Connect to mms error when trying to mount image

    Please see details below.



    After a lot of work with development this mount issue lies in bugs/limitations with the ABR OEM build we use from Acronis. This is targeted to be resolved in ABR v11 and will not be a "quick release" or hotfixable item for us (since that involves endpoints and re-downloading of a new ABR build) as such unfortunately.

    The the mounting of tib files is not supported in the local UI but there is a workaround. You can navigate to the TIB left double click with the mouse.

    Andrew "

    F off for selling us some turd sandwhiches. We are switching to AppAssure where Kaseya cant manipulate anything.

  • Hi Tim,

    Though these issues are different than the universal restore issue noted here, what is your ticket # dealing with this? Let me take a look from here.


    Dylan M. Lagi

    Senior Support Engineer | Kaseya Support


  • Luckily we havent had to do a Unviersal Restore on 4.0 yet. I'm nervous that it would even come up. We'd definately lose that customer, we almost lost the one customer with 8 servers we are backing up because we looked like total idiots since a convert to vhd that should have taken minutes to hours and hours and then we download acronis trial and 30 mins the servers backup. Thats how this should work but I dont know what you guys changed but 4.0 worked when I tested it out after I installed it on first machine, could mount and convert.



  • HI Tim,

    Thanks for the reply. We will continue this within those respective tickets. Stay tuned as such. Thanks.


    Dylan M. Lagi

    Senior Support Engineer | Kaseya Support


  • I was actually able to resolve our issue after acronis support suggested updating the firmware on the nas, after the update I was able to view and select the archives.

  • Hi Ken,

    Good call. Yes, this is exactly what is resolving many of these Universal Restore issue tickets we have been encountering w/ Acronis Support as well. Thx for the confirmation on your side with this too.


    Kaseya Support


  • Any update to this? We are seeing this on most of our endpoints as well. In our dev environment the meta generation works fine, but not on our production environment.

  • Have you tried updating the firmware on your nas? The firmware update resolved my issue.