I've been trying to narrow down why one of my servers daily incremental backups are always 10gigs or larger even on weekends when no one is in the system.  Since Acronis has no delta information between backups, what was recommended was to explore two backups and find one's own method to compare the files between the two to figure out what is taking up all that additional space.  (rsync --dry-run ??)

I had first tried to mount two backups using the UI Kaseya provides: KaseyaBackupLocalUI.exe but noticed that when attempting to "mount" the second backup, my system would become unresponsive.  Thinking that the problem might be with this UI, I went directly to the source and ran TrueImageCmd.exe to mount instead.

What I found (while running Sysinternals procexec.exe at the same time) is that each time a backup is mounted, the System process continuously eats up 50% of the resources.  So, mount two backups, and the system hits 100%.

Looking at the threads inside the System process, one can see two TID's 164 was the first mount, and 168 was the second.

Note that while it states "Operation has succeeded" for the second mount,  the command prompt never returns.


Is there another stable way to mount more than one incremental backup from the same set?  I suppose I could mount one from one computer and one from another, but doing a file compare across the wire wouldn't be my first choice.  Is there another way to determine what has changed between backups?