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BUDR failing with VSS enabled

  • Just wondering if anyone having problems with BUDR with VSS enabled.   We have had 2 workstations utilizing windows XP backups failing with "Backup failed - Unable to create volume snapshot - Failed to create volume snapshot."

    Geting this in the logs.  I turn off the VSS and works OK

    event id="7" level="4" module="1" code="502" time="1299628886" message="Operation with partition '0-0' was terminated. Details: <indent>Failed to create volume snapshot. Error code: 0x70021 Tag: 0xA5695862AAF8E633 Failed to start creating the volume snapshot. Error code: 0x10C442 Tag: 0x14181C22EF45B04E



  • VSS is only available on 2003 and 2008 servers

  • Here is the info from Microsoft.  msdn.microsoft.com/.../bb968832(v=vs.85).aspx

    VSS is supported on Microsoft Windows XP and later. For information about run-time requirements for a particular programming element, see the Requirements section of the documentation for that element.

  • What version of BUDR?