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Backup feature not installing properly - installation pending

  • Hello,

    I am having an issue installing (or more specifically reinstalling) the backup agent on various servers that I manage.  I first uninstalled as a troubleshooting measure, and then rebooted the servers overnight.  I went in the next day and scheduled a new installation, and also scheduled another reboot.  On all of the servers, it still just says "install pending" and gives the date (which has long since passed).  This happens across a wide variety of server OSes.

    I am hoping that you may be able to suggest some troubleshooting advice, as I'm not exactly sure where to even begin approaching this issue.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



    We are using backup version 10-17552

    I am not sure of what other information to provide - please let me know

  • Do you have any AV running on your servers? I had the same issue when installing on a W2008 server.  It had an AV Resident Shield enabled that was blocking the install.  The moment I disabled Resident Shield, the install went through.

    - Max

  • Do you have a different patch location instead of the server.   I have seen it if the patch location is not properly configured or unavailable it will just say install pending for 1-2 days then go back to the old backup version number

  • Thanks for your reply - I just disabled our AV (Trend Micro), and I'm trying to push the install again.  I'll let you know if that was it - thanks!


    UPDATE: No, didn't work

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  • Wow, I think you may be onto something there.  Sure enough, when I checked "File location" under the patch management section, there was a bad directory path listed.  I have changed this, and will post my results shortly.  Thanks!