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Important Note on File/Folder Synthetic Backups in 4.0

  • We wanted to make everyone aware of a change that comes with Backup 4.0 and ABR10.  ABR10 doesn't support synthetic folder/file backups.

    The reason we don't have this support in ABR10 is that Acronis completely re-wrote folder backup (from ECHO/Acronis 9.7 to ABR10) so that it is more reliable.  However, they didn't get around to supporting synthetic Folder/File in ABR10.

    Acronis has rewritten Folder/File backup in ABR10 and they were not able to add support for synthetic full folder backups.    Folder/File backup within Kaseya Backup 4.0 has greatly improved reliability, however Acronis did not add support for synthetic backups.  There is a warning inside of Kaseya Backup 4.0 that notes this limitation.  

    For those customers who need to continue using the Folder/File synthetic backup features in Acronis 9.x (Echo), please continue to use BUDR 3.x on those systems.  

    As an alternative, Kaseya Online Backup provides incremental Folder/File backup for off-site backup and recovery.  Contact your sales person or customer service for further information.


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  • I'm seriously feeling like BUDR4 is incomplete. I get that you're just integrating a third party product into your own solution, but I would assume that Kaseya can throw a bit of weight behind their requests to Acronis. We're being told, "Upgrade, BUDR4 is awesome!", but then you dig into it and find you can't use encryption with synthetic full backups on volume backups, and you can't use synthetic backup at all for folder/file backups. On top of that, the BUDR pricing just changed to a subscription model instead of a one-time license purchase + maintenance, making a BUDR server license more expensive to purchase through Kaseya than directly from Acronis.

    It may be a bunch of little gripes, but they're making me feel like we need to be investigating another solution instead of BUDR.

  • We are using off-site replication only for Folder BU. The Synthetic Full was a great enhancement. Now we seem to have lost this feature. I am really sad about this. Do we really have to start replicating Full BU's again every few weeks? I just don't get it.

  • Can someone confirm if the initial post is true or not.   I've seen other posts from Kaseya that indicate Synthetic Full for Folder Backup now does work.

  • We just upgraded. Will upgrade clients and post results soon.