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Anybody know if BUDR 4.0 has the GUI for Acronis or is it just the kaseya GUI.

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Anybody know if BUDR 4.0 has the GUI for Acronis or is it just the kaseya GUI.




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  • It has a Kaseya local UI (same functionality as v3.2)

  • How are we suppose to use the benefits of BUDR v4.0 with the interface of v3.2? Where is the promised scheduling update that this application so desperately lacks?

  • Am I to assume from your comment Adam that BUDR 4.0 is another half baked upgrade purely to service the kaseya marketing department instead of an actual new release - excluding the fact that Acronis 10 is now the engine.

  • Good guess! I'm happy to be told different and be proven wrong, because I really need a good backup application from Kaseya that matches my investment. So far.....I've had to purchase Shadow Protect licenses as their application works as it should. I know there was an issue with the OEM process between Acronis and Kaseya for some time, but that was suppose to be resolved and now we should receive future updates more frequent (apparently). As long as I'm paying my maintenance, I have the right to ask about why in the past 3+ years the interface to the backup module hasn't been upgraded to match the application. So many other modules have been designed and created that are great, but when is Kaseya going to look after the companies that use their existing modules?

    Again, I'm happy to be proven wrong!

  • Improved speed and reliability improvements are included as part of the Kaseya Backup 4.0 upgrade.   Customers who have participated in our Controlled Release process have reported significant improvement in time to complete backups; 2x-4x as fast as with BUDR 3.x.

    As you have mentioned, our OEM process with Acronis has improved significantly and as such it was a high priority for us to provide an update to include Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 (ABR10) as quickly as possible.  

    We did not want to hold back the release of the speed and reliability improvements for scheduling improvements and other new features.  The update to scheduling will be included in an upcoming release.



  • I appreciate that ABR10 is finally coming to life and dealing with some of the long standing issues of the 3.x product.  But, I am still most interested to know when we'll get something that is AD, Exchange, and SQL aware (system state backups, proper log handling, MS VSS, etc).  I've gone through much misery with inconsistent and unreliable restores because of the lack of this functionality.  

    I realize there are KB articles and scripts that show how to stop services so VSS can get a proper snapshot, but that seems to be such a hacked, half-baked way to go about this (especially for a product called 'backup and disaster recovery' - if it isn't AD/Exch/SQL aware it really can't be called a BUDR product, IMHO).  I've run into issues using this approach with services failing to restart on occasion, along with the worry about random 'grey screen' problems associated with Acronis VSS implementation.  It just seems like a lot of song and dance to go through when we really should just have a product that *works* and does all this right off the bat.

    I'd say the majority of my clients are running SBS servers and I'm now contemplating just using the Windows Server Backup utility instead of BUDR - at least I know it will do proper system state and Exchange backups without any drama.  The downside is that I can't monitor or configure it as easily as I can BUDR.  But at the end of the day I need to know the backups are likely to be recoverable when needed.  What are others here doing for SBS/Exchange backups?  

    Kaseya - any insight on when we might get a complete BUDR implementation?

  • Take a look at appassure.com's replay product. This should give you all that you want, and then some. also, they are a K partner, meaning they have written an addin for K2 that will allow you to control/manage replay from inside of K (just like with Acronis). I have been very pleased with the product, and it really kicks ass.

  • To echo David's post; Kaseya Backup (BUDR) is our full-image based backup and recovery solution.  For application level backup and recovery, we encourage you to look at Appassure and their integration into the Kaseya VSA.  Please contact your sales representative for further information.

  • Mike/David, Thanks for your comments. Please remember that this topic is about the Kaseya GUI only.

    A benefit to Appassure is that it has a K2 plugin, agreed. But so goes Acronis..... in Kaseya BUDR.

    Acronis can also complete application backups with VSS and I'm sure with this latest update its much more exchange and sql aware. The issue is though is that for many of the previous versions, Acronis has has the ability to schedule backups extremely well even in v3.2 yet kaseya hasn't upgraded their front end to match. I've invested well over 20K in BUDR and continue to pay my 20% maintenance fee and I'm just a small company in the scheme of things. What should I expect to receive for paying my maintenace?.... upgrades! If Kaseya don't wish to continue to support or upgrade their own application, then I'd like them to either refund my maintenance(fat chance) or give me a backup application that works with 'todays' business requirements. 4 years ago we didn't need backups every 15 minutes, but now some companies want this feature. Acronis can do it, but kaseya won't allow it.

    I'm going to shut up now as I will never win this debate.

  • I feel your pain brother! I have most of my clients on BUDR and do not feel good about how poorly it backs up AD, SQL, and Exchange (I do not feel it is a complete solution). That is why I recommended Replay (by AppAssure). It gives me everything that BUDR does, plus:

    1. Faster (much faster!!!) backups.
    2. I can now backup a client machine (server or workstation) and they don't even feel it! (no joking here, I severly tested this one!). This means I can backup day or night.
    3. I can now backup MS Exchange and do very grainular restores (to a pst, to a mailbox, to a dedicated folder in the mailbox, etc...).
    4. I can now flush the MS Exchange logs
    5. I can now backup MS SQL and do gainular restores as well.
    6. I do not have to run full backups every month (like in BUDR). Instead you only do 1 full (the baseline) and incremental forever (this is handled a lot different than how Acronis handles it).
    7. This means that I can seed the baseline backup to the offsite location, and then only have to deal with the much smaller incrementals going across the WAN (much easier to handle). Oh and the product can handle doing the offsiting as well.
    8. they offer a monthly pricing schedule as well (instead of buying the license upfront, and then paying yearly for maint) for their licensing. I liked this because it really wasn't much more for me than what I paid for Maint for BUDR.
    9. AppAssure wrote a module with K2 (approved by Kaseya), so you get centralized control of the backup software (just like with BUDR).

    In the end, the gain was high. I got a decent return on investment from BUDR, but I feel its now time to cut bait and run. I like the industry reviews of Replay, and frankly I have more confidence in their product than I do with Acronis. I also like I can talk DIRECTLY with AppAssure support, vs waiting for K support to get the Ruskie's on the phone (Acronis support is in Russia or thereabouts I believe). I don't make recommendations that often, but in this case I feel good about recomending AppAssure Replay to you guys as a replacement for BUDR. My last hope is that Kaseya keeps working with AppAssure and bring them fully under them (OEM) just like they did with Kaspersky for AV.