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Just wondering if BUDR 4 is available yet.  On the product announcement ist states, at the top it states that the availability date is January 17, while at the bottom it states January 24.  Does anyone have an idea when it will actually be released?

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  • My sales rep here in The Netherlands told me that it is January 24th.

  • Yes its the 24th.

  • So today is the 24th of Jan. I have been waiting for a long period of time now for this upgrade. Where can I download it from? In fact, where can I download any of the lastest additions to Kaseya?

  • It should be there by now! In Australia it is allready the 25th...

  • What is the link address?

  • Unfortunately there has been a delay caused by an issue with offsite replication.  It is a day by day delay, not weeks or months.    If you don't need offsite replication, you can submit a ticket to get the controlled release version.   We have the problem resolved, but are putting it through some more testing to be certain.  Rest assured it will be posted in the forums as soon as its ready for consumption.  

    @Bert - most of our release dates are based on Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles).  

  • Ok, I've raised a service ticket. Hopefully I get a response soon.

  • OK, so I got a response (very quickly) and updated our installation on the KServer.

    Just a quick question. Weren't we suppose to get an update to the UI and better scheduling?

  • Brendan any further word on this.

  • I have raised a ticket but I was getting a answer that I was not allowed to get the update and that I must talk with my sales rep.

  • @mmartin - I know they are very close to a final build.

    @emiel - There are a couple of reasons they sent you to your sales rep.  Usually its licensing related.  They don't want customers to do the upgrade and not have the appropriate licensing and then no longer be able to backups.  

  • Thanks Brendan - This final build does it include a GUI update or not? If not, could you please provide us with some information as to what update will include a GUI update?

  • I believe Brendan posted in a similar thread the answers to your questions...

    1. No

    2. A future one.

  • I wanted to keep you all posted on the status of 4.0 - It is still in controlled release.  There is a known issue with offsite replication which is why its being held up from full release.  If you would like to upgrade to 4.0 please contact support.

  • When I contact support they say that I must ask this to my sale rep.. So can I now open a ticket to get the this controlled release version?