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BUDR 3.1 Incremental Backups are very large---Defrag is turned off!!

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Need help.  My incremental backups are huge!!  The only thing Acronis has stated as cause is disk defrag, but I not defraging my W2K3 Server??  I'm using volume backups.  Could it be the Page file??

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  • I am having the same issue as well on W2k3 servers. The page file is on a different drive which is excluded from the backup but I still get very large incrementals. no defrag running eithyer. Could it be AV scans?

  • Thanks JD, support has rec get update to 3.2  hot fixes, make sure agent is Latest:9.7-8319.  this has not solved problem.

  • Any Apps like Exchange, SQL or other databases that may be doing maintenance and moving things around can cause sectors to change and therefore larger incrementals.  

  • I'm only running on a TS and a DC right now.

  • I also face same issue ..but i have another confusing question...Suppose if have a synthetic backup of 36 GB,,then three incremental of 2 GB each then my next synthetic backup should be of 42GB..but is not so????..pls help...i am totally confused about it...see snapshot.

  • It will most likely NOT be 42GB.  An Incremental is what has changed on the disk (sector by sector) since the last backup.  This can be deleted files, moved files on the hard drive, etc.  This is why defrags affect the size of an Incremental.  If you take a 50G backup, don't change anything and immediately run a defrag the incremental would be about 50G.  That doesn't mean that you have 50G more data that just means that the bits and bytes were rearranged on the disk and the changes are roughly 50G.  Hope that makes sense.

    - Max

  • but still..the synthetics are created by stitching last incremental backups then they should be equal to sum of last incremental backups??....thanx......

  • That's not true it stitches together the differences.  Let me give a simple example.  You have a 50G hard drive.  You delete a 5G file, so the next Incremental is 5G.  When you stitch those together your new full should be around 45G.

  • Oh..much thanx to u...i have a clear idea of BUDR workign now.....thanx again

  • 2 gb incremental for a 40gb image is not uncommon.

  • Yogesh, though it is explained well above. In simple Synthetic full is your 1 backup set which means 1 full and number of incremental you had. You can get advance option to consolidate synthetic full by hovering your mouse on synthetic icon and click on it by holding down 'Alt' key.