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  • If I had rank the different types of issues we have with volume or folder backups, it seems that the verify process failing or not completing or going on forever would be #1 or 2.

    Do you use the verify?  It obviously adds alot of time and slows the workstations down for a longer period of time. 

    For servers, we will continue to use verify but for workstations and laptops that have to be backed up while the user is using the system, I am considering not doing the verify. 

    This only applies to our own internal systems, not clients.  Not sure I would consider this for a client without signoff from them. 

    What do you think?

  • We verify servers.  We also try to periodically spot-check servers and workstation backups by randomly choosing a backup set from one of our clients and restoring it in-house to a bare metal box to make sure all works as expected, and also to keep our disaster recovery plan up to date with any changes that may be needed.

  • My server Volume backups are completing successfully but when i try and verify them they fail.  I ran a fresh full backup (server to NAS) and it failed the verify when I ran it manually.  Is there anywhere to find out why the verify failed?  Should I copy the backup files onto a machine and run the verify locally?  Backup size is >100GB.

  • We _do not_ use BU-DR for servers, just too many things to have to sort out... besides we have other options for that.

    As for workstations I haven't seen any issues with the verify process as of late but have in the past, if you're not running the latest version (3.2 I think it is) you may concider upgrading.

    As for our method, we do (for workstations) use verify and do random checks a couple of times a week (once for the full and once for the incremental),  we don't do full bare-metal restores, we just don't have the man power right now (one on vacation and 2 on maternity oh joy!).  We do how ever verify that files can be extracted.  We'll probably do bare-metal restores after new years when we'll be fully staffed.

  • I only use it on one workstation at the moment and it verified OK.  My guess is because of the smaller image size?