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BUDR Pricing

  • Hi,

    We have used Kaseya for 4 years now and it works really well for our business, we are just migrating to K2 and with the fixes and GUI in BUDR 3.2 and the upcoming release of BUDR 4.0 we want to offer this service to our customers.

    What do people price this service to their customers at? per server and per pc per month? do you use USB drives swapped and took offsite? or onsite NAS boxes? I don't want to do the offsite to a co-located server just yet, mabye further down the line.

    Thanks in advance


  • Some roll it in with their overall MSP agreement, which would include KES/KAV and BUDR.  Some charge separately for each service.

    Not knowing your business model, I'd say price it according to your market and to make a profit.

    On some sites we use USB storage for backups, and on larger sites we use onsite NAS (FreeNAS) boxes.  On really large sites, we use multiple NAS boxes.

    For offsite backup, we use Ahsay branded on our own offiste backup server we have in-house.  I'd love to use Kaseya for offsite backups, but the lack of rsync throws that out the window.