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Does BUDR Offsite do Synthetic backups

  • Hi there,

    I setup some clients to run 1 full then 30 days of incrementals then Synthetic full but keep two fulls

    So beg of May took a full and then 30 days of Incrementals and then synthetic full beg of April.

    For the offsite I did the local full then copied it onto a usb and transferred to offsite I then started offsite and it completed immediately as it recognised I had the two folders syncronised. Then each night the incremetals came up over the wire no problems there.

    Issue is now that the synthetic full has run I am not out on the offsite by roughly the size of the full. I would have thought it would have done a synthetic full and just kept the already present Beg of May full.

    Anybody know what I am doing wrong or is it because I chose to keep two full sets.


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  • I hear at the conference last that version 9.7 of the BUDR agent may fix this. I would escalate to support and make them aware of this issue. We too have started to see this on occation.


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