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Invalid Serial Number

  • I have a ticket open with support but am in a crunch and need this resolved today.

    My situation is this. I had Kaseya BU/DR installed and then uninstalled it. Now I need to run a full backup before we EOL the server. I reinstalled the Kaseya BU/DR and it wasn't working.

    The error I got was - FAILED in processing ELSE step 29, Get Directory Path From Registry, with error Registry Query Failed, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Acronis\TrueImageServer\Settings\WorkingDir.

    After a re-insitall the backup would start but then give the error - Backup failed - Serial number is incorrect.

    When I try to manually run the trueimage.exe file i get the error - Acronis Image Server can not find the proper serial number. You should reinstall the product.

    I have tried another re-install which completed but give me the same error when I try to run the backup.

    I need (hopefully) this problem resolved as soon as possible so any insight is appreciated.


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  • More than likely you'll need to do a compete uninstall, remove the acronis device from device manager, remove registry entries, remove any leftover folders, reboot and do a clean install. There is a KB article for this.

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  • i have the same issue. it's odd because it works on one of our servers but not the others. i noticed on the ones it doesn't work i have acronis icons created on the desktop and the one that does work there's no sign of acronis unless i browse to where the program installs. very curious.

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  • Sounds like the one with icons on it had Acronis installed to it at one time (not installed from K)

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  • I have the same issue as well. A number of workstations are reporting "Backup failed - Serial number is incorrect."

    Has anyone resolved this issue?


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  • I had that error after (I thought) upgraded the software on a server. Turns out the install failed because of my patch source. Fixed that, install it and then rebooted the server. I've been using the reboot script because the built in reboot routine doesn't seem to always automatically restart after installing the BUDR software on the server.

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