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Is there any way to set backup priority

  • We have two dell laptops that have 1gb ram and 1.4 p4 single core processors. Probably 5 year old machines. XP Pro

    Also have a Vista Business with 2gb and hyper threading P4 2.4? that also is unusable during backup.

    During the time that trueimagecmd.exe process is running the cpu is virtually pegged.

    Is there a way to lower the priority through the Kserver rather than remote into these machines and change it in the task manager/processes window? (I have now realized that I get 'access denied' when i try to alter that particular process's priority while logged in as the process's owner. hmmm.) Any thoughts

    How can I lower the priority so the machines are usable during backup?

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  • I don't believe there is. We have the same problem. I did here at some point that they were planning to have a priority setting in a future release. Acronis does have a priority setting, but it is not accessable through Kaseya.

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