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Kaseya 2008 SP1 stopped offsite replication

  • I thought I would share this with others since it was kind of weird. We were running on 4.8 and upgraded to 2008 SP1 last week. After this our offsite replication stopped. We could not telnet to our offsite servers like we could before. I doublechecked our firewall was still good and it was. We were able to get back up and running with the replication simply by clicking to Edit an offsite server and clicking Create (basically just resaving the information). After that we were immediately able to telnet to our offsite servers.

    Hope it helps someone!

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  • I just did a 4.8 to 5.0SP1 upgrade and I'm getting frequent "agentX failed to connect to agentY" messages.

    I know it's not communication issues because its happening across all my replication partners at various customer sites that are completely independent of each other.

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  • Odds are (and this is speculation based on my time working with Kaseya support) that when you update to SP1, one of the things that needs to happen is that the XML files that get replication working just need to be recreated. I'm willing to bet that until you do the edit/save you are trying to communicate to a newer interface through an old XML file and you are running into a version conflict.

    But then again...what do I know?

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