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Cisco routers managment

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I have a couple of Cisco router (2800 series) which I would like to manage through Kaseya. I already know the OIB but cannot figure out how to install agents on them and configure Kaseya to monitor them.

I would appreciate you help. Thanks a lot.

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  • Hi Mark...

    Could you send your files to francois@jds.nl so i can try them.

    I would like to give it a go.

    Thanks in advance

  • HI all, i strongly recommend watching the videos i attached on how to use get if,

    Then read the paper i just emailed to you. The email came from my hotmail address so it should be fine getting through your spam filters.

    I can't stress enough, use GETIF, put vendor mibs in the getif directory, and  query your device.

    I have also attached a zip file with 3000 + MIBS, i have never had to download any other vendors mibs because of these files. Please note, GETIF CANNOT handle all these mibs at once, use 1000 at time at the most,

    I will be starting up a blog very soon about all this stuff in the next few days so please subscribe to that, i don't have enough time to swim around the forums, i will be approaching Kaseyas people in the next few weeks to see if this is a legitimate / allowed / done thing.


    See if that zip file works if not, ill email it to you all.

    cheerio Mark.

  • Hi Mark,

    I am just starting out on setting up SNMP to monitor network devices (in particular Fortigates). Are the videos still available and do you still have the documents that you could email to me at craig@mcn.co.nz. It would be really useful if you have something available that can point me in the right direction.  Also are these documents still applicable to the latest version of Kaseya.

    Many thanks.