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Could not delete the following backup sets

  • Keep getting these errors in budr.  We are using the latest rev - 9.7-8319

    what needs to be done to fix this?

    Could not delete the following backup sets as they are needed to complete synthetic full backups on the offsite server: 20100507 23.19.19, 20100903 23.00.05, 20100917 23.18.11, 20100522 13.25.17, 20100910 23.28.27, 20100515 13.48.18

  • You need to seed your offsite backup server.  Take a copy of the where you put the backups to go offsite and manually copy those to your offsite server.

    BUDR will not delete old backups until it is complete updating the latest backups, and everything has simply not come across or the offsite server is not able to do the synthetic for some reason.

  • totally correct ispire

  • the replication works fine but when it does a new synthetic it fails

    we have purged the remote server side and let it synch.  When it goes to do a new synthetic we get this issue